Page 10 - Lets talk pork - AGM 2017
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Message of the CEO
Johann Kotzé
FOOD SECURITY IS A burning issue, not only in South Africa, but worldwide. In answer to growing food security needs, SAPPO requires a fresh look and a new direction to enable the or- ganisation to make a meaningful contribution to providing food for South Africa until 2030.
To reach this goal, we have to become a business orientated unit and not merely a producer organi- sation. One of the  rst steps to take is to increase our production by approximately 45% over the next  ve years. This is no easy task, given a variety of economic constraints, but with a dedicated strate- gic plan we will achieve success. We have to strive to become a world-class service provider to the South Africa’s pork producers that will empower the South African pork value chain to be pro table on the long run. For this to happen organisational cul- ture, values and business intelligence are priorities.
I believe that good leadership, striving for excel- lence and adding a touch of humour will all be part of the mix.
There are universal trends shaping our world that should be considered, including:
The world is urbanising. People living in cities cannot produce their own food - they depend on farmers to do that. The farming community must  ll this gap.
Protein is driving the world. By o ering high- quality protein this need can be met.
People are becoming richer. Pork is a available, af- fordable and a cost-e ective protein choice. We must capitalise on this.
New technology (cell phones, the social media) has seen people becoming better informed. We must make use of these technology trends to in- form them about the virtues of pork.
Africa is the new market and has great potential. We could double pork exports to Africa.
We do face challenges to achieve all this. These include:
Growth and business development are para- mount.
We have a social responsibility and SAPPO has a contribution to make to this end.
The world as we know it is changing. We need to take care of our natural resources.
Land reform remains an emotional issue in South Africa and is not about to go away any time soon.
In keeping with the theme of a strai- ned environment, climate change will severely in uence farming in future. These opportunities and challenges are exciting and require purposeful action. I believe in transparency and good relation- ships with all role players. I also believe in fairness. Let fair play drive our actions in the months to come.

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