Page 12 - Lets talk pork - AGM 2017
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Veterinary liaison report
Dr Peter Evans
Noti able diseases
Con rmed outbreaks in past 12 months:
• Delareyville in October 2016. The animals were very mildly positive and culled without compen-
• Two suspicious cases reported in Botashabelo
and Frankfort early 2017 - negative.
• In February 2017 an outbreak was reported near Barkly West. Mortality was high and only eight pigs needed to be culled. Source could have been people from Schweizer- Reneke who had
attended a funeral or from swill.
• May 2107. Outbreak within ASF controlled zone
– Hazyview (no relation to Free State, Northern
Cape & North West).
• June 2016, ASF was diagnosed in Dikgatlong in
June (close to Barkley West). All 43 pigs either died or were culled.
Restocking is taking place in the Bloemfontein area under supervision. To date no new cases have been reported in that area.
• Warthog virus presence investigation by Free State nature conservation late 2016 / early 2017 – no virus found.
• Investigation into swill feeding underway – SAPPO initiative.
• Tampan survey in outbreak areas is in an ad- vanced planning stage – required cooperation between DAFF and Gauteng Province.
• Source of virus is still being investigated and tracked by Epidemiology division.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
No new cases have been found in the past 12 months.
Application for recognition of freedom from CSF has not been accepted by OIE. The laboratories used for the testing of samples were not accre- dited, need more information on feral and wild pigs and registration of pig farms (other than com- partments) should be improved; but the compart- ment system was seen as a positive.
The need for statistics on pig numbers and dis- tribution is very important. For this reason SAPPO strongly supports to improve implementation of identi cation of livestock and movement informa- tion (control).
Semen and live pig imports
A meeting was held on 31 March 2017. Research has been completed as to which tests are available for diseases of concern = PEDv and Sw Flu, especially.
The next steps are details of nucleus units with re- gard to biosecurity and routine disease surveillance. A draft questionnaire is to be drawn up for po- tential exporters to South Africa to complete (both
unit and quarantine facilities).
Raw pork imports from PRRS positive countries
AGOA – South Africa agreed to import of shoulder cuts from the USA in January 2016. Some of these cuts are in SAPPO’s opinion risky and therefore SAPPO has decided to take legal action to get this decision reversed.
SAPPO is currently responding to the answering a davit made by DAFF. Thereafter a discussion with legal team will be arranged.
Pig compartments
Statistics show an increase in compartments cur- rently registered. However, the health committee wants to ensure that more farmers become com- partmentalised.

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