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Industry protection
Jacobus Ho man
THE INDUSTRY PROTECTION COMMITTEE has the following major objectives:
• To monitor, compile and interpret import statis-
• To monitor and identify irregularities of all im-
ported pork and pork products.
• To protect the industry against imports that
could be harmful to the local health status.
• To promote exports.
• SAPPO has budgeted an amount of R460 000 for
all activities in 2017. R240 000 of this amount was allocated to purchasing import and export statistics.
The activities for 2017 were divided into import-re- lated and export-related issues.
• Import statistics – collection / interpretation / dissemination
• Trade agreement input
• Harbour visits
• Adhoc
• Export statistics – collection / interpretation / dissemination
• Pork Export Working Group (PEWG)
• Liaison
• Export mission
• Marketing material
Import statistics
SAPPO has contracted Trade Date Import / Export for the supply of both import and export data. The HS Code lines included are HS 0203 and HS 16024.
Normally the import  gures available from SARS
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
is 30 days after month-end of the previous month. It means a delay of around 60 days for audited  g- ures to be available.
This information would be used to monitor cur- rent import activity and identify potential risks.
A new format infographic report on trade statis- tics was implemented during June 2017.
The most recent import  gures available were for May 2017. Imports have substantially increased during May 2017. The cumulative import  gure for January to May 2017 is 9% higher than imports for the same period in 2016; the main exporting coun- tries being Spain and Germany. Rib imports repre- sent just more than 50% of total imports.
Trade agreements

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