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 cials, DTI o cials and representatives of SAPPO, SAMPA and AMIE. SAPPO chairs the PEWG.
Key components of the ToR include: Strategic market identi cation
• Speci c potential export market identi cation
• Veri cation of requirements by country
• Initiation of processes to comply with country
• Market research and buyer identi cation
Technical, operational and administration support
• Identi cation of existing export markets
• Identi cation of local administrative require-
• Implementation of technical / administrative ser-
vices to assist exports
Secure and resource application
• Human resource allocation per project
• Application for  nancial assistance schemes by
• Financial resource requirements
SAPPO has appointed Dr Sumari Potgieter to assist DAFF with the completion of questionnaires.
A number of activities are continuously under- taken with the main aim of opening new markets for South African pork exports. Cross-border and existing trade route barriers were addressed ur- gently.
Country update
Singapore update
• Trade mission has been arranged by DTI for August 2017. SAPPO will attend.
• During planned visit to AVA the completed com- partment dossier has to be handed over.
• Minimum requirements by AVA were to have DAFF veterinarians at export facilities. DAFF is in the process of making the appointments.
India update
• A formal visit from India, to be organised with DAFF counterparts, was requested.
• Mr Mankazana, the DAFF representative in New Delhi, con rmed that India has received all the information and that it was being veri ed and going through the normal process.
Thailand / Philippines - Questionnaire
• The Thailand questionnaire was completed and documentation was submitted to DAFF on 15/12/2016.
• Feedback has been received from Ambassa- dor G.Q.M Doidge. He advised that three in- ternal committees will work on the question- naires supplied and that a period was given for between six to eight months. Thailand will then send a preliminary report. An inspection team will then be required to visit South Af- rica once the questionnaire revision has been processed.
• The Philippines questionnaire has been complet- ed and been sent to Dr Bronkhorst for revision. Dr Bronkhorst has replied with feedback and was awaiting inputs from VPH on certain outstand- ing matters before it could be sent to the Phil- ippines.
SAPPO needs to be represented at all potential fo- rums.
• DTI & DAFF interaction
• Red Meat Value Chain Round Table • Potato House Group
• An email received stipulated that they have re- ceived the additional information from DAFF and they were evaluating the documents.
• The last round of feedback given to them de- tailed compartment information together with GIS maps.
• A strategy was required re Singapore as it has been the country closest to opening an export market for South Africa.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation

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