Page 18 - Lets talk pork - AGM 2017
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Meeting with Minister
A meeting was held with Minister Senzeni Zokwana on 30 November 2016. The meeting was organised and focused speci cally on exports of pork and pork products. Minister Zokwana committed DAFF to assist in the opening of markets. Mr Mooketsa Ramasodi attended the meeting.
Red Meat Value Chain Round Table
The Red Meat Export Round Table meeting was held on 2 December 2016. Dr Pieter Prinsloo and Mr Richard Sirage were appointed co-chairs from the industry and DAFF. The meeting was called in order to formulate a list of priorities. No further information was available.
Potato Board Meeting - 13 January 2017
All industry role players from grain to fruit to meat were asked to give input with regard to challeng- es experienced with cross-border trade in SADC. SAPPO was represented and made a submission.
Export missions
SAPPO applied to join an export selling mission to Singapore and Malaysia during August 2017 ar- ranged by the DTI.
SAPPO forwarded invitations to industry to par- ticipate. There were three abattoirs on the ap- proved list with AVA. Winelands Pork and Lynca Abattoir indicated they would join the mission.
Marketing material
Various marketing tools are required to promote South African pork exports. These still need to be developed.
Currently SAPPO is assisting in  nalising the docu- ment on compartmentalisation.

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