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Pork 360
Jacobus Ho man
PORK 360 HAS SUBSTANTIALLY grown over the past few years. Today we have 52 000 certi ed Pork 360 sows. Standards have been developed and implemented for producers, abattoirs and pro- cessors. We have the scheme internationally certi-  ed by ISC Global. A roll-out programme was initi- ated in 2015 and in 2016 Pork 360 was launched in the Western Cape by Food Lovers Market.
SAPPO has allocated an amount of R 2 000 000 for roll-out and marketing activities for 2017. An additional R300 000 has been allocated for admin- istrative activities in 2017.
The strategy and activities of Pork 360 would be mainly focused on maintaining the scheme’s integ- rity and includes all certi cation and auditing pro- cesses, as well as promoting Pork 360 to abattoirs / processors / retailers to eventually launch the brand to the consumer.
Mission statement
“To provide high quality pork and pork products which are acceptable and visible in the market.”
1. Activities
The activities for 2017 would be divided into spe- ci c administrative and marketing campaigns.
• Pork 360 Audit Scheme – Maintain International Certi cation
• Farm Standards + Auditing
• Abattoir Standards + Auditing
• Processing Standards + Auditing
• Roadshows – Recruitment + Communication
• Marketing Campaigns – New Initiatives
• Marketing Campaigns – Maintenance
• Ad Hoc – Event Participation
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Pork 360 – Audit Scheme
Pork 360 has recently been re-certi ed by ISC In- ternational. The certi cation is valid till 15 August 2018.
The requirements, however, were that surveil- lance audits be conducted on the scheme as well as at farms and abattoirs. This will be scheduled at the end of 2017.
Farm Standards + Auditing
All the farm audits were completed by Decem- ber 2016. The certi cates have been completed, scanned and mailed to all producers.
Currently 52 000 sows have been certi ed.
The auditors’ meeting took place on 24 February 2017. Standards have been discussed and no mate- rial changes were made.
The following changes were accepted:
• Farms that maintain a high level of compliance will not be required to have internal audits.
• All farms will have an external audit each year.
• Audit cost for 2017 will be adjusted by the in-  ation rate (this was the  rst increase in three
Farm audit allocations will be done during August 2017.
The new round of audits will take place in Octo- ber / November 2017.
Abattoir Standards and Audits
Six abattoirs in total have been certi ed, namely: Lynca (Meyerton), Eskort (Heidelberg), Winelands Pork(Cape Town), Meat Traders (Queenstown), Malu Abattoir (Kimberly) and Lentaba Meats (Port Elizabeth).

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