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Detailed criteria regarding residue testing and PH criteria were drawn up and circulated to abat- toirs.
De-Boning – Processing Standards
A  nal version of the standards was received on 9 February 2017.
Eskort was audited against these standards on 17 February 2017. A re-audit was done on 31 July 2017 and Eskort was the  rst processing facility that was certi ed against the de-boning and pro- cessing standards.
A workshop still has to be held with SAMIC in or- der to work through the document. All SAMIC au- ditors should be advised on the interpretations of the standards.
In the interim, LTL will be contracted to conduct audits on behalf of SAPPO.
Roadshow 2017
Dates for the roadshow should be  nalised. This should be done in conjuction with the new SAPPO communications / member interaction strategy.
The focus of the roadshow will be both recruit- ment of new members and feedback to existing members.
Marketing Campaigns - New
• Eskort – Plans to include the Pork 360 sticker on a range of approved products. An MOU will be concluded.
• SPAR – A follow-up meeting was held regarding the launch during March. SPAR is very con dent that sales increased due to Pork 360 certi cation. SPAR has recently appointed a national butchery manager and Pork 360 needs to be presented. SPAR North and South DC requested a meeting to also start rolling out in Gauteng. This meeting will be scheduled early August.
• Food Lover’s Market - Due to the success achieved in the Eastern and Western Cape, FLM have taken a decision in principle to roll out Pork
360 on a national basis. Traceability, however, would become an issue. Initially they would roll out in regions where traceability can be guaran- teed. They want to begin with the Free State im- mediately.
Marketing Campaigns – Maintenance
• SPAR - A roll-out was done with SPAR Western Cape (21 March – 2 April 2017). A complete cam- paign has been developed for the roll-out. The timing coincides with the SPAR Pork Carnival.
• Food Lover’s Market, Eastern Cape - A new cam- paign was launched in the Eastern Cape from 5 – 13 May 2017. This included in-store demon- strations with brand ambassadors to inform cus- tomers. The campaign was a huge success and received very positive feedback.
• wFood Lover’s Market, Western Cape, will re- quire an additional booster campaign. This has been developed.
Ad Hoc / Events
• Development of A5 Info brochure set
- Completed
• Editing on Pork 360 Video to add sub-titling
- Completed
• Participation at “Butchers Market” Expo – Fire
and Feast - Completed
• SupportbytheindustrythroughWinelandsPork,
Lynca and Enterprise.
• SAPPO sponsored the Pork Theatre which was a
major success. The number of visitors was lower
than expected.
• A feedback meeting with Fire and Feast will still
be held. Participation in 2018 depends on this
• Potential retailer interaction with Woolworths /
Pick n Pay / Checkers needs
• to be arranged in order to update them on de-
• DAFF Marketing Forum – Pork 360 presentation
- Completed

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