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Consumer education and communication
Marieta Human
Festive season television coverage at the end of 2016
In a collaborative production for the November and December periods of 2016, VIA television channel and KykNet joined forces to feature a charming and interesting cooking programme called Fees- tyd-kos met Bertus Basson.
The duration of the programme was 30 minutes and the broadcast episodes were repeated six times on KykNet.
The acclaimed chef, Bertus Basson who is par- ticularly well known for his love of, and expertise with pork, demonstrated two Christmas or festive menus, featuring pork at its best. Sappo spon- sored this programme to the value of R40 000, and we were part of the planning and execution of the recipes and cooking production.
Many positive, appreciative comments were re- ceived after these programmes were broadcast. It is estimated that Sappo received in excess of R500 000 worth of viewing time.
Core educational campaign: Print and digital media
For the purpose of educating consumers about all the bene ts of eating pork, a thorough media anal- ysis identi ed which media titles will provide the best reach, impact and frequency of communica- tion with the desired target market groups.
A combination of print and digital media, combin- ing a variety of elements, such as editorial articles (free to SAPPO), fully or half-paid advertorial con- tent, Facebook pages, digitorials, website banner ads, as well as superb video content for pork, were featured throughout 2017 in Move!, Kuier, True Love, Tuis/Home, Fair Lady, Sarie Kos, Sarie (main body), Soweto Sports Focus, Good Housekeeping (English and Afrikaans) Taste (the trend setting food publication) and Landbouweekblad Boerekos.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Great care was taken to make sure that the print- ed and digital components of each theme, article or execution were seamlessly carried over into the digital space. We also continued the Sappo tradi- tion of providing proven, easy and delicious, free recipes and photographs to food editors at their request.
Retail joint venture promotions
Our target for 2017 has been to partner with three big retail groups to do focussed consumer promo- tions during speci c month-end periods.
These promotions took place during the follow- ing periods:
Shoprite: June. This promotion featured great consumer specials which were advertised in all the urban and metropolitan community newspapers (distributed to households free of charge). It was supported with in-store cooking demonstrations and easy-to-follow, a ordable recipe lea ets.
Checkers: July. This campaign had a special focus on the range of Checkers Farmstead value-added pork cuts, and major regional newspapers were used to advertise consumer specials o ers.
This campaign was also supported nationally with in-store cooking demonstrations and recipe lea ets.
Food Lover’s Markets: Winter Carnival, run- ning the last week in July and the  rst week in August.
This was supported with a special television ad- vertisement for pork, 3 500 000 big, bold knock and drop brochures, with a strong focus on South African pork, in-store cooking demonstrations, as well as new recipe lea ets.

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