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Pork 360 campaign with retailers
Three Pork 360 campaigns were conducted in co-operation with retailers who sell and apply pack labels to Pork 360.
These were the following:
Food Lover’s Markets in the Western Cape , Food Lover’s Markets in the Eastern Cape, and Spar re- tail outlets in the Western Cape.
In-store demonstrations and special point-of-sale material displayed in the participating butcheries supported the communication with consumers to inform them about Pork 360.
After the initial campaigns were concluded, the feedback from the above retail groups was very positive.
Education campaign for schools
The main drive in 2017 was to implement and ex- tend the school programme started a few years ago in Gauteng, in order to roll it out nationally.
This programme consists of contacting and visit- ing schools, and supplying useful theory and prac- tical lessons and informative material to learners. The response of the schools contacted in the other provinces has initially been disappointing, but we are working on a di erent approach in future in or- der to overcome this.
Ethnic campaign: Focus on stokvels
SAPPO is a food and meal sponsor for six Move! stokvel events nationally. These big events in- volved a consumer day with 250 -300 stokvel lead- ers attending a full-day Saturday programme in East London, Nelspruit, Johannesburg, Bloemfon- tein, Cape Town and Polokwane. Durban will be added in early 2018.
Sappo has an ambassador, Lennox Tom, who does a 30-minute presentation of the value and bene ts of pork, followed by a recipe and food tips ques- tion-and-answer sessions and a VIP lunch where pork is served on the main menu.
The feedback from these events has been over- whelmingly positive with massive interest being shown in learning how to cook pork properly. Pork
aprons are given away as prizes, and every person who attends gets a pork recipe book in the take- away goody bag at the end of the day.
We are convinced that these stokvel events are opening doors for pork into the homes of black consumers in a very positive way, and should be continued next year.
Last quarter of 2017
The negotiations for positive publicity for pork for the September to December period of 2017 has just been concluded, and once again, it has achieved a substantial saving of between 25% and 40% of normal media rates, compared with the rates other advertisers would pay for the same amount of value achieved by Sappo.
Herewith a few examples of the savings and free editorial value Sappo will receive during this period
· 25% discount, saving R26 331.25
· Editorial value: 30-minute trend meals that will
include pork recipes, the DPS SA PORK adverto- rial and more to be included in the food editors’ cooking demonstrations to readers.
· 25% discount, saving R28 417.50
· Pork recipes as extras included in editorial and
digital newsletters
Lose It
· 25% discount, saving R39 750
· Pork recipes included in editorial and digital ver-
· 25% discount, saving R40 225
· Braai issue – pork recipe included
· October issue – pork recipes included, also in dig-
ital versions and Facebook
· 25% discount, saving R42 180.00
· Braai issue – DPS editorial = R84 360 plus digital
versions and Facebook
· October editorial DPS = R84 360

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