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Research report
Prof Francois Siebrits
Mr Johann Kotzé
Prof Francois Siebrits (Consultant) Dr Hannes Viljoen
Mr Arthur Gee
Dr Danie Visser
The budget for 2017 is similar to the budget for the previous year (R1 253 600)
ten more cost e ective than a research project and therefore is an important part of the committee’s agenda.
A literature review is being done on the factors a ecting drip loss (weight loss) of warm carcasses during cooling.
One new application was received. Rita Myburgh, a student of the University of the Free State will be working on the Pork Classi cation Project un- der Dr Strydom at the ARC. It was decided to award her a bursary.
Most of the other recipients of bursaries men- tioned in the previous report have completed their studies and e orts are being made to get them to submit popular articles for publication in PORCUS.
Researchers are also contracted to conduct re- search projects that address relevant problems of the industry. Some of these have been completed and others are still running or in the process of de- velopment. In all cases the researchers must also submit a popular article for publication in PORCUS. This is often a challenge, but is an important medi- um to disseminate results to the industry. The fol- lowing two projects are still in progress:
3.1 Tracy Davids, BFAP Agri Benchmark
Competitiveness of SA Pork production in the global context
It was decided that the project should con- tinue and that Johann Kotzé should have discussions with BFAP to go ahead to de- velop a system for producers to measure themselves con dentially against all other producers in the country.
Consultant Bursaries Literature studies Research projects
2017 R
72 000 120 000 50 000
958 000
TOTAL 1 200 000
One meeting of the committee was held since the previous report. At this meeting it was decided that a brainstorming session should be held with stake holders and knowledgeable individuals in in- dustry. Participants who can make a contribution will be selected. Both producers and veterinarians must be included. The aim of this brainstorming will be to  nd new strategies and a clear vision on what industry wants from research without any po- litical issues. Close collaboration with universities will also be seeked.
It was decided to approach universities again to encourage students to conduct high quality lit- erature studies and to indicate that SAPPO was prepared to buy a good literature studies from students. This committee is of the opinion that a literature review on a selected relevant topic is of-
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation

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