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Communications report 2016/2017
Derick van der Walt
SAPPO’S COMMUNICATION PORTFOLIO Commit- tee consists of James Jenkinson (chairman), Myl- es van Deventer, Johann Kotzé and Derick van der Walt.
The aim of the committee is to manage SAPPO’s internal communication activities. These include:
1. Porcus
SAPPO’s magazine, Porcus, appears seven times a year. The committee aims to produce the publi- cation at no cost to the company. The support of input suppliers in this regard is greatly valued and appreciated.
2. SAPPOInfo
SAPPO’s electronic newsletter appeared 11 times in the past year and various sponsors contributed to the production and the distribution of the news- letter during 2016. The newsletter made a healthy pro t in 2017.
Whereas Porcus contains longer and more tech- nical articles, SAPPOInfo is used to report on the day-to-day news of the organisation and the in- dustry. It is also used to express the opinions of producers and other role players. The newsletter is
also received, among others, by the media and by some readers in other countries.
3. SAPPO website
The SAPPO website is also the responsibility of the Communication Committee. The website is updat- ed regularly.
4. Function for advertisers
Organising an annual function for advertisers is also the responsibility of the committee. The func- tion’s aim is to thank input suppliers for their sup- port. This event is also used to network with input suppliers. The function took place in July this year and o ered an opportunity to introduce advertis- ers to the new SAPPO CEO.
5. Closer contact with the agricultural media
From time to time the committee organises func- tions to network and strengthen ties amongst SAP- PO and the agricultural media. We are planning an informal lunch with a few in uential media repre- sentatives later this year to meet Johann Kotzé.

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