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The SAPPO Pork360 scheme is steadily growing sow numbers at production level. There are also a number of abattoirs that have joined the scheme. At this stage the o ce is  nalising the processing and deboning standards for implementation by the end of this year. The Pork360 mark has been launched in the Western Cape.
I must take the time at this stage to thank all the people who have been involved in SAPPO this year. A BIG thank you goes to the committee members who serve on these committees. I am still of the
opinion that this is a very good system.
A special word of thanks to all non-council mem- bers, Dr Vervoort and Dr Evans, my fellow council members and, last but de nitely not least, the o ce, Simon, Sally, Mpho, Ho es and Guzette. I know this has not been the easiest year up to now and that the next few months will still be hectic, but at least Simon can say he was really busy up to
his last working day.
I now call on Myles van Deventer to propose the
adoption of the Chairman’s Report.”
Myles van Deventer proposed the adoption of
the Chairman’s Report and Barry Gibbs seconded the proposal.
The Chairman’s Report was ADOPTED.
In 2015 the NAGM adopted a resolution calling for the introduction of a new organisational structure for the pork industry.
The resolution provided for the merging of all provincial organisations into the national organisa- tion.
Producers shall in future join SAPPO directly and all provincial o ces shall close in 2016.
All functions performed by SAPPO shall be fund- ed from the statutory levy, which has already been approved by the Minister of Agriculture.
A new constitution was drafted to accommodate all the changes and was circulated to all producers.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
The new constitution had been discussed at all provincial AGMs and is being submitted to the NAGM for approval and implementation.
2. Constitution
Clause 1: Interpretation
This clause provides an interpretation of words and expressions used in the constitution;
“Associate member” - pork producer who does not contribute towards the statutory levy (1.1.1); “Black pork producer” – a producer who is black (1.1.3);
“Corporate member” – a person who is not nor- mally a pork producer or engaged in activities as- sociated with a pork production enterprise, but who wishes to share in the welfare and success of SAPPO by  nancially contributing to the funding of SAPPO (1.1.10);
“Commercial sows” – Sows owned by pork pro- ducers and are mainly used for commercial pig pro- duction (1.1.7);
“Ordinary member” – a pork producer who direct- ly contributes towards the statutory levy (1.1.23);
“Resident” – in the case of commercial sows or growers, the region where the sows or growers are located (1.1.30).
Clause 3: Corporate status
“SAPPO shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and the capacity to acquire rights and to incur obligations independently of its members;
All assets, funds, etc. shall be held or registered in the name of SAPPO as a separate legal entity and body corporate.
Clause 4: Non-pro t organisation
SAPPO was not formed and does not exist for the purpose of conducting any business aimed at prof- iting the organisation or its members;
SAPPO’s income and assets shall be applied solely for investment purposes and to promote its objec- tives.

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