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Clause 8: Membership
SAPPO shall accept the following types of mem- bers:
Ordinary members, who shall be voting mem- bers; and
Corporate or associate members, who shall be non-voting members (8.2).
People have to apply for membership and, if ac- cepted, shall subscribe to the organisation’s objec- tives and endorse its rules, if any (8.3).
Persons applying for ordinary membership must submit a duly signed membership application form and documentation illustrating and con rming that they contribute to the Statutory Levy (8.5);
Persons applying for corporate or associate mem- bership have to submit the prescribed documenta- tion to SAPPO (8.6 and 8.7).
Clause 9: Limited liability
No person shall, solely by reason of being a mem- ber, be liable or responsible for any of SAPPO’s debts, obligations or duties.
Clause 12: Regions
All ordinary members resident in a particular re- gion who keep commercial sows or are growers shall from time to time convene general meetings;
Notice of such meetings shall be given by the Board 20 days prior to the date of meeting;
The election of regional member representatives in each region shall take place annually;
Regional member representatives shall repre- sent their particular region in the National Council and at the NAGM;
Regions shall meet only annually.
Clause 12.2 Determination of number of regional members to be elected
The Board shall determine the number of repre- sentatives to be elected by each region to serve on the National Council by appointing a competent person to verify the commercial sow numbers of a region;
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Regional members shall be entitled to elect one representative for every 6 000 commercial sows, or part thereof, in that region;
Regional members shall, in addition to the num- ber of representatives, elect one member who shall be a black pork producer;
The National Council shall every year during the NAGM revise the determinant number of sows, which shall then be binding on regional members until the next NAGM.
Clause 12.3 Nomination of and voting for nominat- ed regional member representatives
Nominations shall be submitted in writing by no later than 48 hours prior to the regional meeting;
Each member shall have one vote for every 50 commercial sows or part thereof; or
One vote shall be allowed for every 1 000 grow- ers, or part thereof, if the member does not own commercial sows;
The Board shall determine the number of votes that every member shall be permitted to cast by appointing a competent person;
Veri cation shall be completed no later than 20 business days prior to the election meeting; Voting by proxy shall be permitted;
A majority of votes cast in favour of a nominated member shall determine the election of members.
Clause 13: National Council
The National Council shall comprise 26 members; National Council members shall serve for a term of two years; Members may be re-elected.
Clause 13.5 National Annual General Meeting
The NAGM shall be convened at least once a year; The NAGM may not take place by electronic
Notice of an NAGM shall be given at least 90 days
prior to the meeting date;
The following business shall be transacted: Presentation of the Annual Report by the Board
and consideration of  nancial statements for the preceding  nancial year;

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