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Approval of SAPPO’s Annual Budget; Chairman’s Report;
Election of the new board;
Appointment of auditor;
Revision of the number of sows to be used to de-
termine the number of regional representatives; Resolutions.
At least two-thirds of National Council members
must be present at the NAGM before a vote may be called;
All members may attend and participate in the NAGM, but only National Council members shall be entitled to vote.
Clause 14: Executive Board
The management and control of SAPPO’s a airs shall vest in the Board, which shall have full pow- er and authority to perform and deal with any act, matter or thing which could or might be performed or dealt with by SAPPO, except such matters as are speci cally reserved to be dealt with by the Na- tional Council at the NAGM.
Clause 14.2: Composition
The Board must comprise at least eight members, namely:
Six ordinary members elected by the National
Council from among members at the National Council;
One ordinary member who is a black pork pro- ducer;
CEO (ex o cio);
Members are elected for a two-year term;
Each year, half of the elected members shall re-
Retiring members shall be eligible for re-elec-
The Board has the power to  ll any vacancy on a
temporary basis.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Clause 14.4: Board meetings
The Board shall meet at least three times annually; The Board shall annually elect a chair and vice
A majority of members must be present at a
meeting before a vote may be called;
Each member shall have one vote on a matter;
A majority of the votes cast in favour shall be suf-
 cient to carry the resolution;
The chair shall have the deciding vote.
Clause 22: Dissolution of SAPPO
SAPPO may only be dissolved by a resolution passed by a three-quarters majority vote cast by members;
Each SAPPO member shall be given at least 21 days’ written notice of a special meeting convened; Assets after liquidation shall be transferred to an organisation with similar objectives as SAPPO, and
SARS must approve such transfer.
Clause 23: Alteration
The constitution may be repealed, substituted, amended or added based on a resolution adopted by the National Council at an NAGM.
Clause 24: Ring-fencing of funds from previous members
In the event that any provincial association resolves to transfer funds to SAPPO, SAPPO undertakes to apply such funds for the exclusive use and bene t of those members in the region who reside in the same geographical area in which the transferring association was located;
Funds shall be applied in pursuance of SAPPO’s objectives;
SAPPO shall annually report to its members on the application and expenditure of surplus funds.
The new constitution was approved.
Proposal: Myles van Deventer Seconded: Dave Osborne

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