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of remaining pigs based on a contract signed
(similar to PRRS & Delmas ASF outbreak)
• Township in Ko efontein was negative, as was
• The virus was not the same in the two outbreaks
and the source was still unknown.
• Plan to sample warthog population.
• Raw pork imports from PRRS-positive countries
• AGOA – shoulder cuts
• SAPPO decided to take the matter to court.
• SAPPO conducted a training session for inspec-
tors in Cape Town and in Durban.
Semen and live pig imports
The Netherlands and Canada had agreed to the terms of South Africa’s import requirements.
Disease surveillance
The pilot project was work in progress.
Galley waste (harbour) inspections
Harbour inspections would be conducted later in the year.
Auction protocols Process was ongoing.
Nothing to report.
Hepatitis E research
No further developments.
Pig compartments
10.2 Promotions Committee – Marieta Human
Joint venture campaigns with retail groups SAPPO partnered with Shoprite, Checkers, the Fruit and Veg City group and Woolworths to run several campaigns focusing on the great value of pork.
All these campaigns had the objective of teach- ing consumers that a big range of pork cuts was available, o ering the best meat value that money can buy. The Checkers and Woolworths campaigns were aimed at making consumers aware of the ever-expanding selection of value-added pork dishes and cuts and the pork options for home meal replacements (i.e. Heat & Eat dishes, Ready to Roast, Ready to Wok, etc.).
The above campaigns were always supported with good exposure in newspapers, digital com- munication, radio, knock-and-drops and, in some cases, television spots, as well as in-store cooking demonstrations and recipes supplied by SAPPO.
Chef competitions
For the past four years, SAPPO had been the ingre- dient sponsor for the meat component of two chef competitions, the Inter Hotel Challenge (IHC) and the One and Only Reach for Young Stars (O&O).
Both these had provided great opportunities for making signi cant inroads into the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, South African pork among executive chefs and trainers in cook- ery schools.
Compartments (2016-02-23) Sows
Possible (>= 500 sows)
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation

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