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4.1 NAMC Corporate Social Responsibility: The programme approached SAPPO with a request to form a collective with the NAMC in promoting careers in agriculture at identi ed agricultural high schools. The programme also encourages SAPPO to lobby their farmers or producers to contribute towards social responsibility initiatives.
NAMC’s proposal to SAPPO:
• Join NAMC in conducting school visits (as part
of own CSR)
• Make bursaries and bursary information avai-
lable to the schools visited
• Adopt the school: commit to sponsoring a cer-
tain area/activity
• Sponsor best performing learners to visit the
university of their choice on open days
• School infrastructure upgrade
• Transfer of knowledge and skill to teachers (of-
fer training and onsite courses)
• Establish a piggery at the school and build infra-
structure or upgrade current infrastructure
• Conduct market days (demonstration of pig in-
dustry, health etc.).
• Due to limited funds, SAPPO will not be able
to assist the schools with the establishment or upgrading of piggeries. SAPPO will assist in funding one of the school’s educators to attend training at Baynes eld. It was recommended that the school collaborate with both the Uni- versity of Limpopo (Faculty of Agriculture) and Madzivhandila College of Agriculture in order for the school to use the facilities for the prac- tical training of learners. Should the school wish to continue revamping of the piggery, both the Department of Agriculture and Department of Education can be approached for funding of a proper piggery which can be used for the learn- ers’ practical training.
4.2 Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Ru- ral Development (GDARD): A programme entitled “Deployment of extension o cials to commodity organisation” was launched where collaboration was aimed mainly at assisting government exten- sion o cials with training and mentorship to en- sure that knowledge and skills are transferred for the development of small farmers.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
-4.3. NAMC Research Symposium and Trust Work- shop:
• The workshop was held on 23 March 2016 at St
George’s Hotel (Pretoria) where the following
themes were addressed:
• Contemporary issues a ecting South Africa’s
food marketing and trade system;
• Measuring and tracking the development of
smallholder farmers in South Africa: Market ac- cess and transformation in South Africa.
During a challenging discussion about transforma- tion, both participants and some of smallholder farm- ers still felt that industries were not doing enough to ensure transformation in the agricultural sector. De- partment of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: To- gether with DAFF, an awareness campaign on African Swine Fever was conducted in the Free State from 22 to 26 August 2016, following an outbreak of the dis- ease in Free State and North West.
4.5. SAMIC Carcass Competition: With support from SAPPO, a total of 11 developing farmers par- ticipated in the 2016 carcass competition hosted by SAMIC. The aim of the competition was to encou- rage farmers to produce better and heavier carcass- es which will earn them better prices per kg.
We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to the SAPPO council, management, portfolio commit- tee, mentors and administration for the support o ered throughout the year. We would also like to thank our farmers for their cooperation, and wish all the farmers a productive and pro table, albeit challenging, new  nancial year.
10.4 Industry Protection Committee and export / Bedryfsbeskermingskomitee – Jacobus Ho man
• The Industry Protection Committee has three
major objectives:
• To monitor, compile and interpret import statis-
• To monitor all imported pork and pork products
to identify irregularities.

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