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The Pork Export Working Group (PEWG) met six times during this period. Various additional meet- ings were held with DAFF and the DTI.
SAPPO appointed Dr Sumari Potgieter to assist DAFF with the completion of questionnaires.
The questionnaires for the following countries were completed:
• China (waiting for feedback if they include pork)
• Thailand
• Philippines
• Singapore
• India
New questionnaires were requested from: • Madagascar
• Cambodia
• Reunion
The health status of the industry was paramount for establishing potential trade entry. The recent outbreak of ASF was very worrying.
Import statistics
According to the import  gures, a total of 14 015 ton was imported during the  rst six months of 2016. In 2015 the imports for the corresponding period were 19 210 ton.
This represented a substantial decrease.
The main exporting countries were Spain (39%), Germany (27%) and Canada (9%).
Rib imports represented 47% of total imports, with other cuts representing 51%.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation

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