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10.5 Quality Assurance - Jacobus Ho man
Four Pork360 committee meetings and one Pork360 auditors meetings took place during this period.
Standards 2016
Pork360 developed three sets of standards, name- ly Farm Standards, Abattoir Standards and De-bon- er / Processor Standards.
Farm standards and accreditation
The latest version of the On-farm standards was available on the SAPPO’s website and at the SAPPO o ce.
External audits at farms had all been completed by 15 December 2015. Certi cation of farms for the 2016 calendar year had been done and the certi cates were handed out either in person or emailed electronically.
An auditors meeting took place on 19 February 2016. A revision of the On-farm standards docu- ment had been done and no changes were made.
The fee for external audits was kept the same as in 2015. The fee would therefore stay as follows:
Half -day audit: R 5 940,00 Full-day audit: R 9 720,00
No new farms joined the scheme. Currently 50 340 sows were certi ed.
Abattoir standards and accreditation
Three abattoirs were certi ed, namely Winelands Pork, Lynca Meats and Eskort.
A revision of the Abattoir standards had been done and no changes were made.
De-boning – Processing standards
AFS completed the new standards for de-boners and processors.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
LTL indicated a number of changes to be made, incorporating the latest legislation. This will be completed and then submitted to ISC International for review.
Pork360 will be issued with new certi cation in 2016. It was envisaged that all three standards would be included in the new certi cation.
Road shows
A road show was conducted in Gauteng and ano- ther was planned for the Western Cape. A Kwa- Zulu-Natal road show would be held in 2017.
A decision was taken that the road shows should address both new membership (overview / promo- tion of the scheme) and existing membership con- cerns (details re-implementation / standards). This will be implemented during the 2017 road shows.
Pork360 website
The Pork360 website had been completed. The website can be visited at .
Pork360 rollout
The committee recommended that the revision of the current Pork360 logo be considered. The idea was to have a stronger South African feel. A new consumer logo was developed and will be used during the rollout to consumers.
Detailed discussions took place during all com- mittee meetings regarding the potential rollout of Pork360. Winelands Pork confirmed that they would drive the process in the Western Cape.
Mr Hoffman and Mr Zimelka presented a work- shop with Winelands Pork. Various presentations were also made to Spar, FLM and Pick n Pay (Fam- ily stores). All three retailers were very keen to support the Pork360 rollout.
Winelands Pork confirmed that they would con- tribute one rand for every one rand SAPPO allo- cated to the programme. The estimated budget for the programme would be in the region of R1,5 million for SAPPO.
From the retailers, Food Lovers Market had been the most proactive in promoting Pork360.

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