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A detailed rollout of Pork360 had been finalised. FLM, Winelands Pork and SAPPO will initiate the rollout in the Western Cape.
The campaign would include:
Roné de Klerk of the University of Pretoria sub- mitted a review on ‘The effect of supplementa- tion of an exogenous protease in diets based on maize and soybean meal on performance and gut health in grower pigs’.
Bursaries were awarded to the following students:
• Donné Conradie (Kruger), University of Pretoria, for her research on the Prediction of Breeding Value of Imported Semen used in SA Pig Industry.
• Nzolo Jama of University of Fort Hare, for re- search on Pre-slaughter Stress on Cortisol, Crea- tine Kinase (CK) and Pork Quality.
• Judith Rosenstrauch, University of Pretoria, for research on Application of Probiotics in Piglets post-weaning for Improved Production.
• Mericia van Deve nter, University of Pretoria, for research on Possible Mycotoxin Contamina- tion through Pork and Pork Meat Products to the Human Diet.
• Samantha van der Westhuizen, University of Pretoria, for research on Piglet birth weight Uni- formity as a Predictor of Future Performance [21-day litter weight, 10-week (post-weaning mass), performance testing results and aggre- gate RVI].
• Karla van Zyl, University of Stellenbosch, com- pleted her studies on Chemical and Sensory Profiling of Boar Taint.
• A number of projects had been funded over the past few years, some of which were completed this year.
• Pranisha Soma and Lorinda Frylink from the ARC completed their study on ‘The role of in- sulin-like growth factor (IGF2) and Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) genes on pig leanness’, a project being partly funded by SAPPO.
• Dr Phillip Strydom, ARC – Animal Production In- stitute (Food Science and Technology) complet- ed an important project on the Effect of shelf- life on frozen pork.
• Prof. Arno Hugo continued his study on the Implications of new salt reduction legislation on the quality and shelf life of processed pork products.
• Prof. Ferdie Meyer of BFAP continued with his Agri Benchmark project.
Newspaper adverts -
Radio adverts - In-store demonstrations -
Way forward
Consumer Goods Council
various regional +
3 major newspapers 4 radio stations
selected FLM Western Cape stores.
A full-day meeting was held at the SAPPO office. The Pork360 standards were referenced against the GFSI assessment programme with the aim to be recognised.
CGCSA, however, indicated that retailers had re- solved that SAPPO should engage each retailer in- dependently as di erent business rules may apply.
Various retail groups support Pork360 and used it as a minimum requirement for supply.
National rollout
The Pork360 campaign in the Western Cape would be monitored. A national rollout would be discussed at committee meetings.
10.6 Research Committee – Prof. Rob Gous
This committee consisted of Mr Simon Streicher as chairman, Prof. Rob Gous, Prof. Francois Sieb- rits, Dr Danie Visser, Dr Hannes Viljoen and Mr Ar- thur Gee. The budget allocated to the committee in 2016 amounted to R1 253 600.
Funds are allocated each year in three catego- ries: literature reviews, postgraduate student bursaries and research projects that are of bene- fit to the South African pork industry.
Literature reviews commissioned in the past year included the following:
Felicitas Mukumbo and Voster Muchenje of the Uni- versity of Fort Hare completed a review entitled ‘Pro- ducing pork to meet modern consumer demands’.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation

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