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levy should come into e ect on 1 November 2016, depending on the minister.
The current disease status in South Africa came to our notice on 10 June 2016, namely that there were two separate cases of African Swine Fever in the North West Province and the Free State. This is of great concern as it is way below the red line.
KZNPPO’s  nancials are solid and we thank the farmers for this. The vast majority of the levies, including the statutory levies received, are spent on the promotion of our industry. Every now and then, the KZNPPO account has to subsidise the stat account in order to meet all commitments on promotions.
The SAPPO Baynes eld Academy again had a very successful year. We thank all the sponsors involved for their ongoing support. Deidre Sims-Hancock was promoted to general manager and Gugu Ngubane is still the piggery manager and trainer. This training college is open to all producers who require any form of sta  education or training throughout South Africa.
A special thank you goes to Andy Buchan, Presi- dent of Kwanalu and all their sta . We appreciate all they do to keep us up to date on all agricultural issues in KZN.
We would like to thank SAPPO for all the work that has taken place during the year and a special thank you to Simon Streicher (CEO), Sally Bosman and Thembelihle Ngiba (our new transformation manager dealing with KZN and Eastern Cape) for the sterling work they have done.
KZNPPO closes at the end of October 2016, in its present format as all provinces will now be cen- tralised at SAPPO.
For me personally, after 28 years of being a member of the KZNPPO Council, this is quite a sad
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
time... but as I am told, life changes, and I sincerely wish the new SAPPO structure will serve our indus- try.
A big thanks to the council, who has given years to KZNPPO and our sta , and to Hayley, Sally and all our promotions ladies for their commitment to our industry in KZN. I wish everyone a successful future.
Finally, I would like to thank our sponsors who support us on an annual basis.
The SAPPO AGM this year will be held on 7 and 8 September at Emperor’s Palace, Kempton Park Hotel, Johannesburg, and I would like to ask that KwaZulu-Natal farmers attend and support this.
I hope that the year ahead proves to be less di - cult for our producers to survive.”
“The pork industry is experiencing tumultuous times. Record-high commodity prices due to the severe drought, combined with a weak South Af- rican economy and record levels of imports, made the past 12 months one of the worst for pig farm- ers in recent memory.
In hindsight, it therefore seems that the previous Meat and Maize Boards helped farmers weather the commodity storms, and now, unfortunately, we are a little boat in a massive ocean trying to stay a oat amidst challenging times.
Converting plant protein into meat protein can be very di cult at the best of times. Therefore, on-farm investment decisions made the past de- cade have been tested extensively over the past year. Investing in health, infrastructure and per- sonnel is paramount to our businesses.
A pig farming enterprise has only a small window of opportunity to invest. It is therefore crucial to make the correct investment decisions before the markets turn against feed margins.
When my grandfather passed away I had to clean out his o ce. To my surprise, I found a steel cabi- net meticulously marked from A-Z.
Scanning through the articles in the cabinet, it struck me that the issues he faced as a pig farm-

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