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already been destroyed and the state continues to look for infected pigs in the area on a daily basis. Tests have also been done in the surrounding ar- eas, the results of which have to date fortunately been negative.
With so many negative emotions, one must re- member that everything could turn around soon, and that things could improve and go well again. From our side we must do our planning and strate- gising for the future correctly so that we can con- tinue farming tomorrow.
As in previous years, in-store promotions were conducted during the year by the promotion ladies at retailers as well as butcheries. The Free State Pork Producers’ Association participated in the na- tional promotion campaigns arranged by the South Africa Pork Producers Association (SAPPO). These included stores such as Food Lovers Market and Shoprite. There remains a great need for promo- tions to educate the public and, of course, to in- crease the amount of pork sold or consumed.
During 2016 Marieta Human twice conducted training sessions for promotion ladies. This will have a positive impact on the industry and the pro- motions to be conducted in future.
The Free State Pork Producers’ Association spon- sored an amount for Fruit and Beverage Institute (FBI), which covered the following:
Chef jackets, with the SA PORK logo. Students and lecturers each received 2-3 jackets, which they will wear for two years. This includes all func- tions where they prepare food, not only in lecture rooms.
Two bill boards of 600mm x 1,2m each in the FBI kitchen where training and functions take place. Money for the school chef competition where the use of pork is a prerequisite.
Recipe books in Sotho were printed by SAPPO and will be distributed by the promotion ladies in stores and butcheries where they conduct cam- paigns. This has not been done previously.
By the end of 2015, the Free State Pork Produc- ers’ Association placed an advert in the local news- paper to create awareness of pork.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Developing farmers
Khalala Mayekiso represents the emerging pork producers and is also a member of the Nation- al Emerging Farmers Committee where she pro- vides input. The national committee has changed its strategy in respect of emerging farmers in line with the guidelines of the National Agricultural Marketing Council.
Four farms were selected across the country, which meet all the requirements set by the com- mittee. SAPPO will assist these farms to succeed in their operations in order to become compartmen- talised.
Free State farmers, as well as other provincial pro- ducers, can look forward to an exciting year. The new SAPPO structure o ers all provinces new opportunities, but there will certainly also be new challenges. SAPPO will be better and more streamlined in order to have a bigger impact on the pig industry.
We will continue with the good work by conduct- ing promotions and participating in national pro- motions and the FBI chef school competition until the new structure o cially takes e ect on 1 Janu- ary 2017.
In closing
Today I wish to thank the person who has spent so much time and e ort serving the association – Sal- ly Bosman, thank you for everything! Without you we would have been unable to perform so well over the past few years.
The Free State Pork Producers’ Association has over the years done excellent work in serving its members and the public. It will be remembered as an organisation that from the outset took the reins and made an enormous impact to promote pork and to make the public aware of the quali- ties of the product. The association has also, from the start, been involved in all activities of the pork industry. Today I wish to thank all the members – those who were there in the beginning, as well as

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