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Symposium report 2016
Strategies to optimise feeding cost and perfor- mance from a practical point of view
Dr Márcio Gonςalves – PIC
“There are multiple approaches for diet formulation,” said Dr Márcio Gonςalves. “Managing the risk of myco- toxins is a challenge in di erent parts of the world.”
Some studies observed a negative e ect of bump feeding in sows, but not in gilts. Bump feeding can increase still-births by 2,1% in sows, but not in gilts.
Gilts should not be bred below 135kg or above 160kg.
During gestation and the wean-to-oestrus interval, there are opportunities to improve whole-herd feed e ciency. During lactation an adequate amount of amino acids should be provided.
Recent advances in sow nutrition: Scienti c re- search and results on farms
Dr Friedrich Osterho , AHRHOFF GmbH – (4Mix)
“Top farms will go to 38 to 40 pigs weaned in ap- proximately three to four years,” Dr Friedrich Oster- ho  said.
The sows can be fed to a range of 14 to 22 mm back fat and will have a lactation period of between three to four weeks.
Ad lib feeding can be done in the farrowing house at all times.
The top farms will go to 14 to 15 piglets per litter and will not use additional milk, but rather creep feed.
Good ventilation and water supply with an im- mune system that works on any animal in the barn were important. They know the importance of a good veterinarian and healthy gilts.
In total 70% to 80% of the immune system is relat- ed to the gut for better results, for more and better colostrum and milk, better fertility, farrowing rate and longevity.
South African Pork Producers’ Organisation
Crossbred genomics: Accelerating genetic trends in commercial sows and  nishers
Dr Marcos Lopes, researcher, Topigs Norsvin Research Centre, the Netherlands
Feed e ciency is the most important trait,” said Dr Marcos Lopes, “although logistics were a problem due to a lack and high cost of labour on the farms, the increasing production costs, the economic crisis, price and availability of corn.”
The basics of genomics and breeding apply when weaning any piglet.
The genetic correlation between purebred and crossbred was important to breed for performance. Environmental interactions play a role in alter- native diets. Diets should consist of high-quality grains as the lower-quality feeds cause pigs to grow
less e ciently.
Success depends largely on having the right part-
ners, farmers and slaughterhouses.
Agricultural economic and market trends – what can we expect?
Prof. Johan Willemse, agricultural economist, Universi- ty of the Free State
“Strategy means having a longer view on the way forward,” said Prof Johan Willemse, and “to make money out of change.”
A consistent stream of decisions had been made to take the matter forward and to focus on the ob- jective and risks that have to be managed. Everyone has to create their own unique value proposition.
Economic growth in South Africa is expected to decline further during 2016 to a possible zero or negative growth rate, which might result in an o - cial recession being declared as the year progress- es.
The economic and political risks are high. The shrinking economy will increase a demand for food products.
The markets are volatile due to exchange rate  uctuations and interest rate risks for agricultural markets and feed costs are high. There is a high cor- relation between drought and economic recession cycles.

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