Page 8 - Lets talk pork - AGM 2017
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in order. SAPPO is  nancially very strong at this point as we have not implemented and rolled out the various actions due to a late start this year. I am sure this will be corrected in the next two levy years. I am of the opinion that with this money in the market, we can place our product at a very good spot with the promotions to take market share from other products. I am also con dent that our new strategy of promotions will assist in keeping this advantage to our producer’s bene t.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members and all the sta  in the SAPPO o ce for the e ort and work put into SAPPO. A special word of thanks to JP, my vice-chairman, for all his time and inputs that I could call upon. He never hesitated to be of assis- tance when I called. Furthermore, I would like to wish Johann all of the best with his new o ce and the way forward with SAPPO.

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