Forests have been removing carbon dioxide in the air and storing carbon for more than 300 million years. When we cut or burn off trees and disturb forest lands, we discharge that stored carbon to the atmosphere. To we need to also accelerate the elimination of carbon dioxide that is already in the atmosphere. In [ Read On… ]

Been sparked once more, partially by the government’s powerful push for timber burning to be contained in the renovated Renewable Energy Target.But, The debate over the best approach to handle Australia’s 9.4 million hectares of public native forest is thrown into sharp relief from research showing that end indigenous forest logging, also finishing the industry’s [ Read On… ]

There’s general agreement that wildfires are larger, thicker, more barbarous and much more expensive than previously. There is broad agreement, also, that America’s deeper firing difficulty isn’t so cancerous megafires are crashing to our communities. On the contrary, it’s that we have lost the old benign variations of passion which cleaned over and gained our [ Read On… ]