Meet our Input Suppliers

The South African pork industry has various input suppliers that play an important role in the well being of the industry.

Addcon Africa Feed & Grain Additives (Pty) Ltd.

Tel: 011 460 4002/3
Fax:  086 511 8962
Klaus Oster:
Johann van Niekerk:
Wessel Whitehead:
Franco Kriek:

Representing ADDCON Europe GmbH of Germany (Europe’s No. 1 in organic acids FORMI, KOFASIL range of Silage Preservatives & Additives), BIORIGIN of Brazil (Polysorb Mycotoxin Risk Management), DEVENISH Nutrition of Ireland (Lipidol, ResQ, Devamine Range), MIAVIT of Germany (Europe’s largest Premix & Additives producer), PHYTOBIOTICS of Germany (Europe’s No.1 in Probiotics) and official agents for RKW of Germany (Europe’s leader in Bale Netting & Silage Sheeting).

All products patented and scientifically proven throughout the world. All products registered according to Act. 36 of 1947. Associated and fully accredited member of AFMA.


Tel: 011 524 0440
Faks: 011 524 0414

We make top-class animal feed even better!
At ADVIT Animal Nutrition we pride ourselves in the quality of our products.  And whether you are a farmer mixing your own animal feed, or part of the animal feed industry, you can choose ADVIT premixes with confidence.  At ADVIT we add value to already good animal feed; making it even better.
We Offer:
•    Premixes rich in vitamins and minerals
•     Animal Nutritionists for expert technical advice and support
•    Optimum quality feed formulas
•    Standard products as well as specially-mixed products in accordance with the unique requirements or our clients
•    A Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 certification
ADVIT – vitamins for vitality!

Allied Nutrition

Tel: +27 12 667 4213
Fax: +27 12 667 4210

Allied Nutrition is a marketing company specializing in Nutraceuticals for the animal feed industry. Seeking globally recognized, technically sound, quality guaranteed, cost effective Nutraceuticals such as calcified sea weed, essential oils, organic acids, pre and probiotics, to successfully find replacements to conventional AGP’s, is the Company’s allegiance to both feed companies and producers alike. Dealing with 7 different internationally acknowledge role players, specialists in their own fields of expertise, is Allied Nutrition’s commitment to the South African feed industry to “Define the Nutraceutical Frontier”.


Tel: 021-865 2669
fax: 021 865 2673

Alltech has set the standard in animal nutrition by providing natural, nutritional solutions for over 25 years.  Alltech is a truly global company, employing 1800 people with a presence in 85 countries around the globe. The company’s competitive advantage lies in the unrivalled synergies of Research, Production, Quality and Marketing.  Alltech’s mission is to provide solutions that improve animal health and performance by adding value to animal feed.  Natural yeast fermentation has been the cornerstone of Alltech’s success.  Alltech’s nutritional additives are a small part of an animal’s feed, but a large part of their performance.

Ambleside Farm

Tel: 036 488 1200
fax: 036 488 1997

Ambleside Farm is situated on the banks of the Little Tugela River close to the small town of Winterton in the central Drakensberg Mountains, in the province of Kwazulu/Natal South Africa. Ambleside Farm was established by Geofrey Luffingham in 1936, who decided to focus his farming efforts primarily on pig production and dairying. His son Nigel Luffingham took over the running of the farm in 1968 and grew the farm to a 600 sow piggery with 90 dairy cows and 900 mutton marino sheep. Nigel embarked upon a regime to slaughter and market his own pigs via a pig abattoir in Glencoe, which was a pioneering achievement for this time. He was able to market his pigs all over the country and far afield as Cape Town. His son Lance Luffingham took over the running of the farm in 1998. The dairy was closed down and Lance decided to focus on the piggery to achieve critical mass.

Bedson Africa

Tel: 012 803 4376
Fax: 012 803 2044

Bedson Africa (Pty) Ltd – Pigs Division is dedicated to serve the pork producers of South Africa with dedicated effort, supported by a range of quality products to achieve an optimal profitable outcome.
* Antibiotic complexes – Fosbac, Fosbac plus T, Kitkan 110, TFC
* Mycotoxin control –Elitox, ConditionAde & Calibrin Z
* Performance enhancer – Bedgen 40
* Vitamin & Mineral supplement – Vitaminico mineral
* Unique disinfectants – Neopredisan

Boehringer Ingelheim

Tel: 011 348 2486
fax: 0865054018

The Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies, with headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany is one of the 20 leading pharmaceutical firms in the world. Boehringer Ingelheim, with some 140 affiliated companies worldwide, focuses on human pharmaceuticals and animal health. The mission of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, is to benefit the health and well-being of mankind by contributing to an adequate supply of safe, nutritious food and by promoting the emotional and physical benefits arising from the human-animal bond. In swine production, look for the innovative Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica vaccines – ENTERISOL® ILEITIS and INGELVAC CIRCOFLEX.


Tel: 011 437 9000
Fax: 011 872 1845

Chemvet Steel & Fencing with the support of Technopol’s innovative Insulation Products have been on the forefront of developments in the environmentally controlled live stock housing indusrty for the last decade. Persistent efforts to bring functional design to the market has brought about the NUWAY house with its characteristic doomed tunnel roof.

DSM Nutritional ProductsDSM_MasterLogo

Tel: +27 (11) 398 6900
fax: +27 (11)  392 5808

DSM is one of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics and feed enzymes to the global feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries .

DSM has a strong tradition as a pioneer in the discovery of new products, formulations and attractive applications for all industry segments and, supported by carefully targeted R&D, the company is able to respond actively to the current and future trends in the market place. DSM has the broadest range of ingredients in the industry.

In the feed industry,  all of our products are specifically developed and formulated in terms of stability, bio-availability, handling properties, traceability and safety, to meet the requirements of modern-day animal feed production.

DSM creates effective nutritional solutions for swine, poultry, ruminants, aquaculture, helping farmers to meet increasing demands for welfare, environment, health, pigmentation, feed cost savings and sustainability.

Eco Feeds

Tel: +27(0)83 283 9322

Sole importers of the SCHAUMANN range of pig products from Germany and Austria

Eco Feeds, the sole importers and distributors of genuine SCHAUMANN products from Germany and Austria, is your partner in agriculture, supplying high-quality products for animal nutrition. SCHAUMANN is the leading company in animal nutrition in Germany, Austria and rest of Europe, and now with success in South Africa, Eco Feeds offers you their unique range of pig products and rations specially formulated to meet all YOUR individual needs – from mineral and vitamin feed supplements, probiotics and special products, to acids all of guaranteed German quality, your pigs will be assured of better health and maximized gains = better production = economic success and subsequently a long lasting relationship with Eco Feeds and SCHAUMANN.

FR Waring Feeds

Tel: 031 764 2951/764 1007

FRWaring Feeds, a respected and experienced player in both imports and exports of Agricultural Commodities, offer a fully inclusive service, specialising in distribution of Sunflower/ oya Oil cake, grains, proteins and milling by-products. As well as the experience in the international trading of physical merchandise using commodity exchanges such as SAFEX.


Tel: 011 462 4215 Fax:
011 462 4006

Instavet is one of South Africa’s leading Veterinary and Animal Health equipment suppliers, having been in the industry since 1988. We strongly believe the we offer an extensive, versatile and high quality range of products at competitive prices that will satisfy most of your needs. Legal Identification of Livestock (Including Pigs) – Instavet can provide you with all the necessary tattoo equipment: Tattoo pliers, tattoo slappers, tattoo letters and numbers, tattoo ink pads, tattoo ink and roll on.


Tel: +27 (0) 861 838 838
Fax: +27 (0) 11 392 3158

Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health (ISPAH) offers a wide range of products and services to farmers, co-operatives and veterinarians. It is built upon a foundation of expertise, experience, and a fundamental belief in quality. ISPAH renders technical
and sales services, in support of their renowned and innovative vaccine range.

Kanhym Estates

Jurgens Reynders 0828094024
Jurgens Reynders: 082 809 4024

Kanhym Estates is the supplier of an improving range of swine genetics, underlicense of PIC, the world’s largest and most technically advanced genetic company. Our breeding animals are healthy and easy to manage with attributes that contributeto outstanding farm production and financial performance. We supply a full range of world class sow products. Our boar products (PIC337 and PIC410) are unsurpassed for lean%, growth and FCR, even more so if boar semen from the top boars in our AI station are utilised. Our pride is our successful customers. Our support is based on the supply of SPF High Health stock, training and technical assistance


Tel: +27 11 991 6000
Fax: +27 11 475 5752

Meadow Feeds manufactures a comprehensive range of pig diets to fulfil the nutrient requirements of both high and low producing pig genotypes with the aim on optimum animal performance and financial benefit. For more information visit our website or contact our Clearwater office at the contact numbers above.


Tel: +27 11 472 2201
Fax: +27 11 472 6397

Suppliers and manufacturers of pig equipment in Sub – Sahara Africa, representing more than 15 international suppliers. We also assist withdesign, plan, and help co -ordinate your new piggery projects, or upgrade and retrofit your old existing piggeries with the latest technologies.

Nutribase cc

Pietman Blignaut
Tel: 012 348 9291
Cell: 082 322 8297
Fax: 086 518 1857

Nutribase focus on providing reliable and efficient supply of feed additives to our feed industry partners in Southern Africa, in order to fulfill their needs. We build long-term relationships with customers and give advance technical service.

Products for the pig market include:

  • Hamlet Protein (56.0% protein)
  • Highly digestible and palatable protein source for young pigs (up to 70 days of age)
  • Hemicell
  • Unique highly cost effective product, which increase the value of Soya in rations and improve pig performance.
  • Pig Volostrum Paste
  • A dosage of this nutrient dense product (high in fat, protein and antibodies) in the first hours of the piglet’s life, supports pig vitality and survival.
  • Faramate Milk Replacer
  • Complete Milk Replacer Feed for Piglets.

Protein Research Foundation

Tel: +27 11 803 2579
Fax: 086 730 3793

The PRF’s main objectives are to replace imported protein for animal use with locally produced protein, but also to promote better utilisation of protein. These objectives are promoted through funding research and technology transfers. Research is funded in terms of appropriate related crops, oil seeds and fish meal and other protein sources, as well as, the application and utilisation thereof by the most important fish, animal and poultry species that are specific to the South African market. All related research, finalised and current, is available on the PRF web page.

Topigs Norsvin

Francois du Toit
Cell:     082 3792153
Fax: 012-348 8474

TOPIGS SA is the fastest growing swine genetics company in South Africa delivering high health genetics throughout Africa. With over 70 million slaughter pigs with TOPIGS genetics, Dutch based TOPIGS is one of the biggest genetic suppliers in the world. TOPIGS stands for progress in pigs. This means research, innovation and genetic improvement are the cornerstones of our company. By continuously improving our products, we enable our clients to achieve maximum performance.


Pierre Smith, Product Specialist – Pig & Poultry
Cell: +27(0)83 326 6454
Mike Dick, Technical Sales Advisor, Cell: +27(0)82 801 8866

Quality products…
…for pigs

* Virbac – Your Partner in Animal Health and more than 40 years experience.
* The aim of our product range is not only to maintain animal health, but also mainly to enhance production.
* The range includes: Injectable and in-feed antibiotics, water soluble medication, vitamins & minerals and antiparasitics.

…designed and suitable for every need