During the 1930’s South Africa’s commercial pork producers founded a voluntary funded association to represent their needs and to negotiate on their behalf with various external stakeholders. The SA Pig Development Association consisted of five provincial branches, Transvaal, Cape, Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State.

The organisation later became the National Pig Committee of the former South African Agricultural Union (SAAU), now Agri SA. In 1992 the National Pig Committee was renamed the SA Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO), an organisation autonomous and independent with regard to its matters and decisions. A full-time manager was appointed and in 1993 SAPPO started functioning as an integrating national commodity organisation within the now Agri SA fraternity.

SAPPO has its own constitution and is a body corporate with full autonomy regarding aspects affecting commercial pork producers. It operates according to policies determined by its annual general meeting or National Council.

SAPPO serves the commercial pork producer by co-operating within organised agriculture, as well as liaising with other sectoral and government bodies in the interest of commercial pork production.