SAPPO strives

  • to serve as mouthpiece for commercial pork producers, irrespective of size, race or locality;
  • to promote a spirit of co-operation and unity amongst commercial pork producers and ensures their economic viability;
  • to strive for the efficient and profitable production and orderly marketing of pork to enable producers, with the minimum government interference, to obtain the best prices, advantages and stability;
  • to continually study all aspects of the pork industry and, when necessary, obtain the co-ordinated view-points of role-players and interest groups in the pork industry;
  • to continuously liaise with the authorities and other groups to the best advantage of its members;
  • to act as representative body in matters pertaining to the pork production industry;
  • to collect, assemble, analyse and disseminate statistical, technical and other relevant information; and
  • to generally to do all such things as may be in the interests of its members.