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Calculating the cost of pork production

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By Dr Thomas Volker, Penvaan Group

As with any commodity, it is important to be able to calculate the cost of pork production for many reasons.

A pork producer should know exactly what his costs are, firstly, to be able to assess whether he is selling his pigs at a profit, and secondly whether he can do anything to reduce the cost or improve his operation’s efficiencies in order to increase his profit margin. Continue Reading →

Understanding how a vaccine works

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By Dr Arthur Wellington on behalf of the Pig Veterinary Society

A vaccine is a preparation that contains an infectious agent, which has lost its ability to cause disease by attenuation (passaging through eggs or tissue culture) or being killed.

The vaccine thus brings about a resistance (immune response) to this agent. The body is hereby protected should the infectious agent invade the body at a later stage as it is prepared and ready for an attack should it occur.

What happens when a foreign agent enters the body? How does this immune response take place?
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