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Handling semen for success

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By Dr Dorothea Mostert, CS Vet

As with all things in life, it is the little things that count, 45µm to be exact. This is the average size of one porcine sperm. Making use of extended semen and artificial insemination is widely practiced and an excellent way of ensuring that your farm obtains the latest genetic gain.

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Sow selection can beat heat stress

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By Saskia Bloemhof, TOPIGS Research

The modern breeding of sows are already highly productive, but the potential still exists to achieve even better results for reproduction by selecting lines that are particularly robust and which therefore perform well under a range of environmental conditions. Continue Reading →

Genetic opportunities exist to stop castration

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By Dr Jan Merks, director breeding & quality, TOPIGS

As an industry we already know a considerable amount about the risk that meat from entire male pigs may have an unpleasant odour and taste when cooked. This possibility is usually called boar taint. It has provided the economic justification over many years for the practice of surgical castration of all male piglets soon after birth, except those intended for breeding. Continue Reading →

Breeding: Exciting future predicted but there are pitfalls

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By Dr Danie Visser (Part 2)

In this second of two articles, Dr Danie Visser, managing director of TOPIGS SA, takes a look at possible scenarios for pig breeding in future. Part 1 of the article appeared in the August/September issue of Porcus. Continue Reading →

Future indicators in pig breeding (part 1)

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By Dr Danie Visser, managing director: TOPIGS SA

Before one can discuss possible scenarios for big breeding in future, it is necessary to look at some general trends that will have an influence on agricultural production in the years to come. One also has to take note of the many techniques, some revolutionary, that have influenced animal breeding, and pig breeding in particular, over the years. These techniques have laid the foundation for modern pig breeding and many will still impact on breeding in the years ahead. Continue Reading →

The handling of semen

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By Francois du Toit, TOPIGS SA

Handling of semen is a very important aspect in the successful application of the artificial insemination tool in pig farming. There are a couple of aspects that need special attention when using this tool. Continue Reading →

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