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Key areas for succesful stocking

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By PIC Global Technical Services – Reproduction

Establishing a new herd is a rewarding process, and is the culmination of years of planning and dedicated project management. Even though the startup of a new farm is not a regular occurrence for most pig farmers, the important principles, which will lead to the successful startup of a new herd, can also be applied to daily management guidelines in the established herd. Continue Reading →

SA farmers must embrace the new, water-constrained normal

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By Zhann Meyer; head: Agricultural Commodities, Global Commodity Finance, Nedbank CIB

While this realisation is also dawning among agriculture stakeholders across much of the planet, it’s a reality that is particularly difficult for farmers in South Africa to deal with. That’s because they’re already challenged by having to operate in an environment of very low water supply per capita, compared to most other countries, not to mention an extremely low ratio of annual rainfall to annual water run-off. In fact, research done by WWF-SA showed that only about nine percent of rainfall actually makes it into our rivers. Continue Reading →

The effect of freezing and duration of freezing on quality of pork loin and ribs

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By Dr Phillip Strydom, Kealeboga Mosimanyana, Magdeline Magoro, Jane Boikhutso, Animal Production Institute: Agricultural Research Council

The problem

Freezing is one of the preservation technology used to preserve fresh meat (pork, beef, chicken) during long-term storage (Alonzo,, 2013). This also normally applies for imported meat as it travels far distances over long durations and are often then stored for further use when needed. It is important for the meat industry to have a thorough understanding of the physical and chemical changes caused by freezer storage. Continue Reading →

Unpredictable and predictable features in living room of environmental impact assessments

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By Pieter van der Merwe, Rock Environmental Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Environmental legislation has gained the reputation of frequently changing and of becoming somewhat complicated. The challenges South Africa is facing in protecting its environment sustainably are present in all sectors of the South African economy. In the agricultural sector, the pork industry is no exception.  However, working and being involved in this field during the course of the previous 12 years or more, tends to shave off the sharp ends and one tends to simplify or rationalise matters more easily – but with caution. It remains obvious that each proposed development site has its unique environmental setting, characteristics, predictability and unpredictability.
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Navorsing oor vleis eensydig

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As die grootste gedeelte van die wêreldbevolking vegetariërs raak, sal dit nie ‘n wesenlike bydrae lewer om die las op die natuurlike hulpbronne te verlig nie. Dr Heinz Meissner, ‘n privaatkonsultant, het kommentaar gelewer op ‘n navorsingstuk wat deur dr Marco Springmann en kollegas van die Oxford Universiteit gepubliseer is oor die uitwerking op menslike gesondheid, sowel as die omgewing, as die meeste mense op aarde hulle dieet sou aanpas van ‘n vleis-gebaseerde dieet na ‘n vegetariese dieet.
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Mixed reactions to WHO meat-cancer research

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Vincent ter Beek, Pigs Progress

As might have been expected, the recent publication of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which stated that processed meat causes cancer, has evoked a wide range of different opinions. The report, released by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), classified processed meat in the category “carcinogenic to humans”, whereas consumption of red meat was “probably carcinogenic to humans”. Continue Reading →

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