Animal Health

SAPPO prioritised the preservation of its excellent national pig herd health status. The organisation’s Portfolio Committee for Animal Health manages all health needs of its members and the committee’s decisions, programmes and projects are implemented by SAPPO’s veterinary liaison officer, Dr Peter Evans (photo). He can be contacted at tel no 012-361 3920 or

Although producers have always realised the value of high animal health standards to their businesses,  the value of a constant focus on  the health of the national herd was placed under the spotlight when two serious pig diseases were identified in the country the past years. The outbreaks of PRRS in 2004 and Classical Swine Fever (CSF) in 2005 underlined the importance of a high health status on farms. Fast and timely reaction to the outbreaks by members of SAPPO, with the support of the national veterinary authorities and private pig practitioners enabled South Africa to successfully eradicate both these diseases.

SAPPO, through its veterinary liaison officer, has an excellent working relationship with the national veterinary authorities and cooperates with them on regular national serological surveys to prove the absence of many viral diseases found in other countries. (See Serological Surveys in the menu left.)

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