Developing producers

SAPPO believes that commercial pork producers must assist developing pig farmers for sustainability as it is an intensive and highly specialised form of farming. SAPPO’s Portfolio Committee for Emerging Farmers, is tasked to coordinate and manage emerging farming projects countrywide. The SAPPO office can be contacted at tel no 012-361 3920 or

SAPPO’s developing programme for new producers mainly focuses on training, which takes place on developing pig units, at farmers’ days and by means of study groups among developing farmers. SAPPO wants to ensure that these farmers develop and eventually make a meaningful contribution towards commercial and sustainable pork production in South Africa.

Farmers who are on the brink of becoming commercial producers receive intensive mentorship that mainly takes place at pig units. Those already farming commercially receive regular and more focused attention. Provincial pig veterinarians, who keep a close watch on the disease status of the units, regularly visit them. SAPPO pays for these veterinarian visits.

The number of successful developing projects in North West, KwaZulu-Natal, the Western and Eastern Cape and in Gauteng proves that some developing pig farmers are already crossing the bridge from just making a living out of pigs, towards becoming commercially successful.

SA Pork Baynesfield Academy

Baynesfield Training Academy is a training service provider, covering accredited training at NQF levels 1 in pig production. The facility is an article 21 company, jointly run by SAPPO and the Baynesfield Estate. The Academy was officially opened on 15 June 2012.

The training covers all aspects of pig production (basic knowledge and skills) and also the management of a pig production unit (business skills). The course is AgriSETA accredited (National Certificate NQF). Training focuses on emerging pig farmers with the aim to improve their knowledge and skills of pig production to ensure the economic sustainability of these farmers in future. 

The emphasis of the training is therefore also on entrepreneurship and the running of a commercially viable pig unit. Training is provided on various levels of knowledge and skills. Clients include pig farm owners/managers, pig farm labourers, extension officers, students, learners, the agricultural sector and the general public. Click here to download detail on the courses.

Enquiries: Tel no 076 430 6899. Email:

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