South African pork producers have been involved in the promotion of their product for many years. With the help of experts and professional in the promotional and marketing fields SAPPO’s Promotions Committee continuously inform consumers of the virtues of pork by means of various media and projects. SAPPO conduct consumer and product research on a regular basis. Marieta Human (photo) is SAPPO’s promotions coordinator. She can be contacted on tel no 082 826 3173 or

The media most often used by the promotions team:

Magazines, newspaper and radio advertisements

Advertisements, articles and recipes appear regularly in consumer and specialised magazines and in newspapers country wide. Radio is also a popular medium used by SAPPO. These inform consumers not only of a healthy, tasty and modern pork eating experience, but also of the nutritional value of pork.


Pork made its debut on television in 2010 with a series of television advertisements that were broadcast on various television channels. The advertisements coincided with the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The television advertisements linked pork to a healthy lifestyle. Click here to view two of the advertisements. Advertisement 1 or  Advertisement 2

Special publications

Special and educational publications appear from time to time to coincide with special occasions such as during the Christmas period to ensure that consumers are reminded of pork as an excellent choice for the Christmas menu. Pork recipes are also continuously distributed to consumers. Educational booklets, not only aimed at consumers but also among others, health practitioners are also distributed country wide.


Training on professional pork cutting up techniques and cooking methods, among others in townships, woman groups, tertiary institutions and hotel and restaurant schools are conducted regularly.