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Porcus March/April 2017

It is back to basics, says Johann Kotzé
Limpopo-studiegroep hou AJV
New “heights” for bikers in Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017
Why chlorinate water in piggeries?
Lavendula vier 20 jaar in die varkvleisbedryf
Gauteng wys wenners aan
Genus acquires Hermitage’s genetic assets and enters into a strategic partnership
Pork 360 accredited farms 2017
Aktuele sake onder loep by Topigs Norsvin-dag
Wenners van Topigs Norsvin se produksiekompetisie
Antibotic free: The European experience
Consumer spending remains under pressure
Pork the star of awareness day
The importance of water quality to the optimisation of swine performance
Gut health is the key to maximising pig productivity
Market conditions
To taste
Pondering Points

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